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Founded in 1994, Allied Computer Brokers, Inc. (ACB) is a full-service recycler of computers, computer monitors, and related electronic equipment.

Our goal is to provide service that not only complies with all state and federal regulations affecting the handling of electronic equipment but a level of safety and proper handling that goes well beyond compliance. We are committed to assuring that re-usable equipment is marketed only to reputable domestic and pre-qualified international markets, and is not exported for recycling to second- and third-world countries with lax environmental controls.

ACB also provides a comprehensive range of services such as asset tag removal, data and hard disk destruction, and certification of recycling, that meets each client’s internal management and tracking requirements for end-of-life electronic equipment. And at the end of the day, we can assure our clients that over 95% of all material received at ACB, including packaging such as pallets and cardboard containers, is recycled. The only materials not currently recycled are some plastics, ceramics and other non-commodity materials, and occasional packaging materials for which recycling markets have not yet developed.

Allied Computer Brokers alleviates the burden in determining the proper disposal methodology, while providing an environmental liability defense from improper disposal.

Allow Allied Computer Brokers to become your recycler and let your company focus on the business you do best. Allied's innovative recycling resources combined with our stringent compliance to government regulations create the perfect recycling solution.

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